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Physical Workforce Identity
& Management Suite
Security Operations (SOC) Suite
Threat Intelligence Suite

A New Standard in Managing Physical Access
Rights for Visitors, Employees, Contractors

The Physical Workforce Identity Management Suite automates all aspects of the visitor and employee identity lifecycle through a single interface that provides them with the best and more secure identity management experience.

Automate Identity Management
& Access Privileges

Eliminate paper-based and manual management of thousands of identities and know who has access to what areas, should they have access, and how are they using that access.

Redefining Identity Management
for your Visitors & Security Teams

Give your visitors the experience they deserve while ensuring 100% security for your employees and anyone visiting your building.

Automate Identity
Management & Access Privileges 

Empower your area owners and auditors with the tools to help them perform 100% compliant audits with the power of real-time information.

Mastering the Muster
Emergency Events 

Gain visibility into the statuses of muster events, know in real-time how many people, who and where they are in the building in case of emergency.

Gain Visibility Across
Your Workspace Portfolio  

Get 360 view of what is happening in ALL of your facilities through Vector Flow’s Workspace Occupancy Dashboard. Use the existing data you already have for better safety and space planning purposes.

Secure your Hospital
and Know who’s Coming
and Going

With an increase in the temporary workforce and an increase in hospital violence, it's a critical moment for hospitals to provide a secure level at every entry point.

24/7 Peace of mind for your staff, patients and visitors

With the rising violence against healthcare workers and senior leaders, you need a solution to ensure a better quality of care for patients and providers.

Seamless Vetting, Credentialing and Physical Access Provisioning with Contingent Worker PIAM Portal

Vector Flow gives your temporary contractors, employees, vendors and visitors a better way to share their information remotely, ensuring they can obtain necessary access without compromising security.

Faster identity verification. Smoother employee onboarding.

Vector Flow’s AI-driven Intelligent Picture Capture (iPic) app automatically examines uploaded photos and ensures that they are clear and free from visual imperfections.

Security Operations, Finally

Driving actionable intelligence from your physical security historical and real-time data to eliminate false and nuisance alarms, reduce device maintenance cycles, and lower repair costs. Eliminate labor-intensive and manual analysis of access control journals to identify device issues.

Eliminating Data Noise, so that
you Can Hear What Really Matters

We help your physical and IT teams to focus on where their attention should be — active issues in real-time so you can keep your visitors, employees, and patients joyful and secure.

Ensure Device Readiness for
Unexpected Emergencies

Improve your assets' reliability, performance, and safety by leveraging advanced AI/ML techniques to find trends in device health, perform risk and criticality assessments, identify failure modes, and make predictive maintenance recommendations.

Make your SOCs Work
Smarter, not Harder

Leverage Vector Flow’s outcome-driven approach to managing the performance of a security program, increasing personnel productivity and lowering turnover.
Threat Intelligence Suite
Insider Threats App
Cyber-Physical Risks App (Coming Soon)
Privacy App (Coming Soon)

Thwart Physical Security

Mitigate the number of any physical & cyber insider threats, and report any suspicious activity by proactively monitoring and strengthening your defense with actionable intelligence from your physical security historical and real-time data.

Know About any Insider
Threats Before it’s Too Late

Let us monitor any insider threat activities such as suspicious behavior, access card sharing and cloning, access phishing, tailgating, and access outliers in your building so that nothing gets omitted.
Solutions for Aviation & Airports
Popular solutions:

Press Release
Vector Flow Selected by One of the World’s Largest Software Companies to Streamline Global (PIAM) Processes


Solutions for Healthcare & Pharma
Popular solutions:

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 30 mins
Integration & Innovation – Enhancing Patient Visitor Management with HCA & Convergint


Solutions for Finance & Banking
Popular solutions:

Press Release
Vector Flow Selected by One of the World’s Largest Software Companies to Streamline Global (PIAM) Processes


Solutions for High Tech
Popular solutions:

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 30 mins
Digital Transformation & Automation in Today’s Physical Security World


Solutions for Higher Education
Popular solutions:

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 30 mins
Digital Transformation & Automation in Today’s Physical Security World



The Power of Intelligent Badging: From Picture Capture to Lifecycle Management


In this on-demand webinar, Vector Flow showed its next-generation, AI-enabled
intelligent photo capture and credentialing solution, revolutionizing workforce
badge processing for an exceptional and secure experience in today's
hybrid workforce and workplace.

Modern Office Picture - Resized
ORACLE Case Study
Why enterprises are turning to data-driven physical security solutions to automate their operations


Determine the Value of
SOC Automation with
our ROI Calculator


Integrations & Partners

We integrate and partner with the leading
technology companies to help you get the most
from your investment. Our out-of-box connectors
automate your ability to manage all identities,
alarms, devices, things, and data.


Press Release

Vector Flow unveils new look

What started as a dream of a data-driven physical security platform,
has quickly moved into a reality and it continues to
evolve and expand. This is an incredibly exciting
year for Vector Flow and we can't wait for you
to be part of it.

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Let's talk how Vector Flow can help you


- Streamline physical identity management
- Automate your SOC operations
- Reduce risk with security intelligence


Vector Flow Commits to EqualAI Pledge to
Combat Bias in Artificial Intelligence

Vector Flow joins a distinguished group of
organizations collaborating
under the guidance of
EqualAI, a nonprofit organization,
and a movement focused on reducing unconscious bias
in the development and use of AI.

April 9-12, 2024 | Las Vegas, NV 

Meet us at ISC West 2024
in Las Vegas! (Booth #11133)

Pre-book your meeting with our team and connect
with us to join our private customer dinners.


The future of Vector Flow
starts with you! 

Join us. Build with us. Make an impact.

Vector Flow is backed by
one of the largest global
investment firms, including
Mayfield & Foundation Capital


Meet our leadership team

We have assembled the world’s best team for our mission
– with experts in physical and cyber security,
machine learning, artificial intelligence, user
experience, and enterprise solutions. We are
applying our collective experience in delivering
technology to automate physical security
operations and to make the world safer.

Unleashing the new science of
Physical Identity & Access
Management (PIAM) automation

Turning data into insights. Bringing digital transformation with a snap.

Path 18549-1
automated physical
access lifecycle
Path 18551-1
insider threats
lower cost of your identity
and access management
Path 18552-1
faster deployment
to business value
Path 18549-1
automated physical access lifecycle
Path 18551-1
insider threats eliminated
lower cost of your identity and access management
Path 18552-1
faster deployment to business value

One platform. Multiple solutions.

The first, data-driven enterprise platform transforming
how physical security gets automated.

Physical Workforce
Identity Management Suite
  • Fully automate on and offboarding and intelligently grant, reassign and remove access.
  • Reimagine badging experience with AI-driven automation.
  • Ensure industry-regulated compliance, and eliminate fines and penalties.
Security Operations Suite
  • Utilize AI to eliminate 99% of False & Nuisance Alarms - with NO additional hardware or software infrastructure.
  • Proactively predict & automate your device maintenance.
  • Deliver true governance - justify SOC spending and identify underperformers.
Threat Intelligence Suite
  • Detect threats and trends from a wide variety of sources impacting your organization.
  • Implement Risk Playbooks to automate notifications and revoke access.
  • Improve employee safety and mitigate risks before damage is done.

See. Understand. Act.

See the unrealized potential of your security data assets.
Understand how you can deliver better business value and streamline operations.
Act upon proactive notifications, reduce cost and risk and transform user experience.
No matter which Physical Security problem you are
trying to solve, we are here to help you figure it out.



Say Hello to the Automated
Physical Security World

Don't settle for less. Meet ever-changing business demands with a platform that sets a new industry standard for higher security without compromising the user experience.
Agile deployment for faster ROI.
Out-of-the-box applications, playbooks, and dashboards with intuitive UI enhancing productivity on Day 1.
Game-changing, autonomous AI-driven recommendation technology  for better customer experience, and more informed  requests & decisions.
100% reliable system stability, and 24/7 support.

Fortune 1000 Turning to Vector Flow



Vector Flow Solutions for YOUR Industry


Improve patient experience, enhance visitor management, and streamline employees, contractors, and outpatient validations. Get a complete view of healthcare security and provide your teams with predictive insights that drive action.

Aviation & Airports

Fully automate the management of thousands of individual identities and access privileges through a single, efficient, and IT-friendly platform.

High Tech

Innovate with confidence while your people, assets, and buildings are kept secure. High Tech industry requires an outstanding level of security to ensure no unauthorized person has access to confidential areas, any potential cyber & physical insider threats are defeated before they happen. Vector Flow goes beyond any legacy physical security systems to deliver that and more with data-driven approach.

Banking & Finance 

In a highly regulated market, where margins are tight, customer experience & security is everything. Take a leap towards modernization, going beyond only safeguarding people, assets, and data. Break down silos with future-proof data standardization & simplified experience.

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