One platform. Multiple solutions.

The first, data-driven enterprise platform transforming
how physical security gets automated.

Physical Workforce
Identity Management Suite
  • Fully automate on and offboarding and intelligently grant, reassign and remove access.
  • Reimagine badging experience with AI-driven automation.
  • Ensure industry-regulated compliance, and eliminate fines and penalties.
Physical Workforce
Identity Management Suite
  • Utilize AI to eliminate 99% of False & Nuisance Alarms – with NO additional hardware or software infrastructure.
  • Proactively predict & automate your device maintenance.
  • Deliver true governance – justify SOC spending and identify underperformers.
Physical Workforce
Identity Management Suite
  • Detect threats and trends from a wide variety of sources impacting your organization.
  • Implement Risk Playbooks to automate notifications and revoke access.
  • Improve employee safety and mitigate risks before damage is done.

See. Understand. Act.

See the unrealized potential of your security data assets.

Understand how you can deliver better business value and streamline operations.

Act upon proactive notifications, reduce cost and risk and transform user experience.

No matter which Physical Security problem you are
trying to solve, we are here to help you figure it out.

Vector Flow Solutions for YOUR Industry

Improve patient experience, enhance visitor management, and streamline employees, contractors, and outpatient validations. Get a complete view of healthcare security and provide your teams with predictive insights that drive action.

Fully automate the management of thousands of individual identities and access privileges through a single, efficient, and IT-friendly platform.

Innovate with confidence while your people, assets, and buildings are kept secure. High Tech industry requires an outstanding level of security to ensure no unauthorized person has access to confidential areas, any potential cyber & physical insider threats are defeated before they happen. Vector Flow goes beyond any legacy physical security systems to deliver that and more with data-driven approach.

In a highly regulated market, where margins are tight, customer experience & security is everything. Take a leap towards modernization, going beyond only safeguarding people, assets, and data. Break down silos with future-proof data standardization & simplified experience.


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