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President and CEO

Why the Zero Trust Model Matters Now for Cyber and Physical Security

The concept of zero trust security has long been adopted and implemented in the cyber and IT worlds. The premise of zero trust is that no identity, end-point device, node or other element is to be trusted by default. Rather, every user, device, application/workload, and data flow must be continually validated using multi-factor authentication before access or other system [...]


3 Benefits to Reducing False Alarms (And How To Do It)

As one Security Manager at a Fortune 100 company put it recently, “Every day our SOC runs, 23 hours are wasted on False Alarms.” How we solved a $3.2B/year physical security false alarm problem False alarms are a chronic issue costing organizations $50,000-$250,00/quarter¹ in wasted physical security resources. Within the United States alone, false alarms cost $3.2B/year, in addition [...]


The Platform for Data Driven Security Intelligence

Physical security remains plagued with several point-of-control systems such as Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), video surveillance (CCTV), Intrusion sensors, Biometrics, visitor management, dispatch, incident management systems etc. Often these systems do not talk to one another leading to a siloed view and an operational nightmare – there isn’t a single source-of-truth view that can aggregate the data coming out [...]

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