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“Only You Can Prevent Fires”

Preventive Measures for Lower Cost and Risk within Physical Security Operations If you manage physical security budgets or operations, a core year-over-year objective is to “do more with less.” Physical security device and system failures (and repairs) is one of the top-three operational expenses or interruptions for the physical security SOC teams, and is one of the first budget [...]


Top 3 Advantages of Automated Workforce Identity and Access Management

The creation of PIAM (Physical Identity and Access Management) software solutions has been a game-changer for improving physical security workflows. Organizations using manual, labor-intensive identity, badging, and access management processes get the most benefit from PIAM (also called Workforce Identity and Access Management (WFIAM)). However, as both the workforce and workplace evolve (given the dynamic nature of businesses, pandemic, [...]


The Power of Automated Workforce Identity and Access Management

Over the past 18 months COVID-19 has brought unprecedented human and humanitarian challenges. Many organizations around the world have risen to the situation, acting swiftly to safeguard employees and migrate to a new way of working that even the most extreme business-continuity plans had not envisioned. This was uncharted territory for security professionals. As organizations are now reopening and [...]

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Great Ideas Transform the Future

Creative use of technology is a source of competitive advantage for some organizations and a threat to others. Savvy strategists are constantly ideating how technology can expand where they play and how they win. The biggest difference comes from how they think. Companies like Apple, Google, Tesla, Moderna, etc. identified technology advantages early and executed them flawlessly to become incredibly [...]

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