Creative use of technology is a source of competitive advantage for some organizations and a threat to others. Savvy strategists are constantly ideating how technology can expand where they play and how they win. The biggest difference comes from how they think. Companies like Apple, Google, Tesla, Moderna, etc. identified technology advantages early and executed them flawlessly to become incredibly successful. We at Vector Flow find ourselves ideating on how we help Physical Security win.

The founding team of Vector Flow has worked together for decades, we came together (again) leveraging our collective experience in physical security to discover how data science and deep learning will transform the future. Before we started developing new algorithms to drive automation, we tested our ideas with CSOs, CISOs, COOs, Directors of Physical Security, SOC Managers, friends, and critics and were overwhelmed by consistent feedback that we were on the right track.

Vector Flow was born!

Our investors at Mayfield Fund, Foundation Capital, Silicon Valley top executives, our advisors shared our vision for a data-driven future and fueled the Vector Flow rocket ship. We are truly grateful for their guidance and support.

Vector Flow is changing the future of physical security by bringing the latest advances in deep learning to automate physical security operations – for managing IDentities, physical access, audits, alarms, device repairs, emergency, and SOC operations, etc. Through our conversations with CSOs, CISOs, COOs, Security practitioners we learned that most legacy PIAM solutions are failing due to long implementation time, manual and time-consuming configurations, hard-coded rules that are outdated often, and high costs. Vector Flow solves all these problems while providing an enhanced end-user experience – by automatically consuming enterprise and security data, discovering ID and access patterns, identifying issues outside of “canned” rules. This data-driven approach flips the whole PIAM implementation cycle on its head by performing a data-discovery driven rapid deployment (in days). Vector Flow’s discovery engine works by simply configuring connectivity to key systems and our algorithms discover all the data and recommend playbooks for customers to deploy.

Likewise, when we met SOC Managers at large or small organizations we heard repeatedly that despite upgrading their physical security infrastructure SOCs are inundated with false/nuisance alarms every day, operations and security staff are overwhelmed and not every alarm pattern can be filtered out via pre-built rules. Vector Flow’s discovery engine works by connecting to customer’s systems and automatically learns from devices as well as SOC operator actions and uses this information in its decision-making process to identify and eliminate false alarms. Vector Flow monitors physical security infrastructure 24×7 – applies consistent, in-depth analysis without bias or fatigue when making decisions. It learns continuously, improving its pre-built decision models, ready to work on day one – no training or rules writing required.

We are thrilled to announce what we have been working on. We look forward to working with you to transform the future and solve security’s biggest challenges. Come join us.

By: Ajay Jain, President/CEO | February 2, 2021