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Physical Workforce Identity
& Management Suite
Security Operations (SOC) Suite
Threat Intelligence Suite

A New Standard in 
Managing Physical Access
Rights for
Employees, Contractors

The Physical Workforce Identity Management Suite automates all aspects of the visitor and employee identity lifecycle through a single interface that provides them with the best and more secure identity management experience.

Automate Identity Management
& Access Privileges

Eliminate paper-based and manual management of thousands of identities and know who has access to what areas, should they have access, and how are they using that access.

Redefining Identity Management
for your Visitors & Security Teams

Give your visitors the experience they deserve while ensuring 100% security for your employees and anyone visiting your building.

Automate Identity
Management & Access Privileges 

Empower your area owners and auditors with the tools to help them perform 100% compliant audits with the power of real-time information.

Mastering the Muster
Emergency Events 

Gain visibility into the statuses of muster events, know in real-time how many people, who and where they are in the building in case of emergency.

Gain Visibility Across
Your Workspace Portfolio  

Get 360 view of what is happening in ALL of your facilities through Vector Flow’s Workspace Occupancy Dashboard. Use the existing data you already have for better safety and space planning purposes.

Secure your Hospital
and Know who’s Coming
and Going

With an increase in the temporary workforce and an increase in hospital violence, it's a critical moment for hospitals to provide a secure level at every entry point.

Security Operations, Finally

Driving actionable intelligence from your physical security historical and real-time data to eliminate false and nuisance alarms, reduce device maintenance cycles, and lower repair costs. Eliminate labor-intensive and manual analysis of access control journals to identify device issues.

Eliminating Data Noise, so that
you Can Hear What Really Matters

We help your physical and IT teams to focus on where their attention should be — active issues in real-time so you can keep your visitors, employees, and patients joyful and secure.

Ensure Device Readiness for
Unexpected Emergencies

Improve your assets' reliability, performance, and safety by leveraging advanced AI/ML techniques to find trends in device health, perform risk and criticality assessments, identify failure modes, and make predictive maintenance recommendations.

Make your SOCs Work
Smarter, not Harder

Leverage Vector Flow’s outcome-driven approach to managing the performance of a security program, increasing personnel productivity and lowering turnover.
Threat Intelligence Suite
Insider Threats App
Cyber-Physical Risks App (Coming Soon)
Privacy App (Coming Soon)

Thwart Physical Security

Mitigate the number of any physical & cyber insider threats, and report any suspicious activity by proactively monitoring and strengthening your defense with actionable intelligence from your physical security historical and real-time data.

Know About any Insider
Threats Before it’s Too Late

Let us monitor any insider threat activities such as suspicious behavior, access card sharing and cloning, access phishing, tailgating, and access outliers in your building so that nothing gets omitted.
Solutions for Aviation & Airports
Popular solutions:

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Vector Flow Selected by One of the World’s Largest Software Companies to Streamline Global Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) Processes


Solutions for Healthcare & Pharma
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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 30 mins
Integration & Innovation – Enhancing Patient Visitor Management with HCA & Convergint


Solutions for Finance & Banking
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Press Release
Vector Flow Selected by One of the World’s Largest Software Companies to Streamline Global Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) Processes


Solutions for High Tech
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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 30 mins
Digital Transformation & Automation in Today’s Physical Security World


LIVE WEBINAR | March 30, 2023 at 1PM EST

Reducing Hospital Costs Through Strategic Contractor Management

What you will learn:

- Key challenges hospitals will be facing in 2023 with contractor management
- How identity management (PIAM) and contact tracing solutions can help overcome these challenges
- How you can prove ROI to your management

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ON-DEMAN WEBINAR | 25mins duration
Digital Transformation & Automation in Today’s Physical Security World


Determine the Value of
SOC Automation with
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Press Release

Vector Flow unveils new look

What started as a dream of a data-driven physical security platform,
has quickly moved into a reality and it continues to
evolve and expand. This is an incredibly exciting
year for Vector Flow and we can't wait for you
to be part of it.

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Vector Flow unveils new look

What started as a dream of a data-driven physical security platform,
has quickly moved into a reality and it continues to
evolve and expand. This is an incredibly exciting
year for Vector Flow and we can't wait for you
to be part of it.

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We have assembled the world’s best team for our mission
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technology to automate physical security
operations and to make the world safer.

How Data-Driven Automation Optimizes SOC Operations - Part 3

This is the third and final blog in our series on data-driven security and automation. We began by discussing the significance of deploying a data-driven approach to security now when the data is already available to you. Our second blog then dove deep into using data-driven Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) to expose insider threats, reduce risk, and even maximize space utilization. Blogs 1 and 2 are available to read now as we continue our conversation with the idea of using data-driven automation to optimize Security Operations Center (SOC) operations. 

The Reality of Traditional SOC Operations 

SOCs serves a unique and essential purpose; to protect people, property, and assets within a larger organization. This purpose is necessary, even admirable, but not without its own shortcomings. Traditional SOCs are regarded as primarily cost centers that function at less-than-optimal efficiency. This is a statement based on fact, not opinion. 

In a traditional SOC, alerts from various security systems (surveillance, access control, alarm) enter the facility to be identified and responded to by an operator. In the best-case scenario, each notification requires between 2 and 10 minutes of the operator’s time to verify the alarm, initiate video verification to observe activity, and, if need be, dispatch a security officer to the source of the alarm to investigate. Unfortunately, there are many steps throughout this process where the error, risk, and inefficiency can creep in. 

This is where data-driven automation comes into play. To best illustrate how data-driven automation solutions can best solve the challenges plaguing SOC operations, we’ve outlined applicable problems (manual SOC operations) vs. their solutions (data-driven automation).

SOC Inefficiencies: Problem vs. Solution 

False Alarms: First, and the most common risk found within SOC operations, is the presence of false alarms. An analysis of the security marketplace has shown that 80-90% of all alarms are either false positives or nuisance alarms. Such a high rate of false alarms eventually leads to “alarm fatigue” wherein operators no longer respond to alarms with the speed or intent that they would otherwise because they know the alarm is likely to be false. Responding to false alarms also decreases a SOC’s efficiency, as so much of an operator’s time is lost spent chasing down false alarms instead of performing mission-critical tasks.

Data-driven automation can solve these inefficiencies by performing real-time analysis of all historic and live data from physical security devices, logs, and configurations, and then mathematically recalibrating the systems to systematically eliminate false alarms. In fact, Vector Flow’s SOC Automation solutions are proven to eliminate up to 99% of false alarms, and the first results can be seen within just 48 hours of deployment. Our suite of AI-driven algorithms is purpose-built to identify the root cause of false alarms and even begins automatically optimizing the devices that caused them. In a single solution, SOC operations can reduce time between detection and response, prevent alarm fatigue, reduce manual tasks, and enable operators to spend their time proactively resolving real alarms.

Governance: Operators working inside a SOC are responsible for real-time monitoring, detecting, investigating, and responding to threat events. We would like to believe these operators are doing everything they can to prevent security breaches and other dangerous events from escalating, however, that is not always the case. Human error and aforementioned alarm fatigue introduce the opportunity for less-than-ideal security outcomes. The good news is that operators generate substantial amounts of data themselves including MTTA (Median Time to Acknowledge Alarms), MTTR (Median Time to Resolve Alarms), Unacknowledged Alarms, Critical Alarms, and more. Unused, this data results in a reactive approach to SOC operations. But with Vector Flow’s SOC Governance Manager, the data produced by your SOC teams are transformed into actionable improvement plans for remediation. Our modern machine learning technology automates the auditing of each alarm and each response to help SOC supervisors determine if the alarm responses and investigation are done correctly and lets them analyze process issues at the individual operator level to identify training opportunities.


Device Maintenance: Security systems are complex, made up of potentially thousands of connected IoT devices. These devices are in a constant state of flux, with an unexpected device or network outages, firmware expirations, devices not behaving normally, power outages, devices approaching end-of-life, and additional challenges, many of which contribute directly to false alarms. Dispatching personnel to locate these faulty devices, identify the root cause, and provide remedial action on the scale required of SOC operations is all but impossible. Traditional SOC operators and managers also lack a single source of truth from which they can manage system health.
With experts predicting that more than 75 billion IoT devices will be connected to the web by 2025, now is the time to address these problems head-on. Vector Flow’s SOC Predictive Device Maintenance Manager autonomously finds trends in devices’ health, performs risk and criticality assessments, identifies failure modes, and automatically creates service tickets if repair is needed. The intelligent, AI-powered Recommendation Engine provides detailed, data-driven remediation instructions to help service technicians know what parts are needed and where the device is located, enabling them to fix the device more efficiently. Not only does this eliminate business disruptions and the associated risks (i.e., a critical surveillance camera in downtime), but also dramatically reduces repair costs. 


Closing Thoughts

As we wrap up our series on data-driven automation, it is important to note that when we talk about automation the goal is not to remove or replace human operators. Rather, it is about empowering the human capital that is available with fact-based, data-driven insights that ultimately improve their effectiveness. Vector Flow’s automation solutions offload low-priority and repetitive tasks from system operators so personnel can focus on higher-value tasks and deliver additional services. In turn, there is less opportunity for error and more defined processes that deliver better physical security outcomes.   

Data-driven automation is also not just a trending topic, but instead a meaningful and lasting approach to physical and cyber security. What were once high-level theoretical discussions surrounding data mining and AI are now our reality. This brings us back to the original question asked in this series: “Will we be talking about data-driven security in five years?”. I say, not only will we be talking about it in five years, those actually using it will be lightyears ahead of their competition in the way they prevent and respond to security events. 

We understand that starting on your own data-driven automation can seem daunting. Vector Flow’s solutions are designed to deliver quick time-to-value with results available within minutes, not days or weeks. Our team of experts is highly knowledgeable, and our solutions have been proven in partnership with some of the world’s leading Fortune 1,000 companies. Contact us today to see how our data-driven solutions can deliver true value to your enterprise operation. 

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