Let’s start with these two alarming statistics:

  • In Q2 of 2022 alone, over 5000 nurses were assaulted on the job
  • Approximately 70% of all individuals entering a hospital every day are not employees

Healthcare facilities need to be open yet secure environments to facilitate rapid and effective care of those in need of medical treatment by highly trained professionals and support personnel. This requires that a multitude of human resources, equipment and supplies be accessible and continually fulfilled on a daily if not hourly basis. Yet not all those who enter healthcare facilities do so with good intentions, or exhibit symptoms or conditions that can lead to violent or other forms of disruptive behavior. 

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Doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, contracted workers, delivery persons, visitors, and patients alike all need to be vetted and accounted for the minute they step foot on-premises to mitigate risks and threat of healthcare violence. Equally important, access to areas within healthcare facilities needs to be tightly controlled, so that individuals are only allowed to enter areas where they have prior permission to do so – keeping critical areas like maternity wards, IC units, pharmaceutical storage areas, intensive care units, and highly sensitive and expensive equipment like LINACS, dialysis machines and CT Scan imaging devices well protected and secure. It’s also critical that each and every individual on-site feels safe and secure, so they can remain focused on providing positive outcomes for patients in an environment that is conducive to healing. Therein lies the challenge. 

Further compounding the situation, the Joint Commission and CMS continue to increase compliance regulations to help reduce security risk, reduce workplace violence, and increase patient safety and care. Non-compliance puts healthcare facilities at risk of losing reimbursable funds from Medicare and Medicaid, which can have serious consequences on the financial health of a healthcare facility. 

PIAM Management is the Remedy

Physical Identity Access Management (PIAM) and Patient Visitor Management (PVM) AI-powered platforms provide a highly effective and cost-efficient solution for healthcare facilities to improve security, safety, workforce management and compliance. 

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Built on powerful AI-powered software platforms, PIAM and PVM solutions leverage data from a healthcare organization’s existing Human Resources (HR), Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), and other security systems to make intelligent identity authentication and access provisioning decisions quickly and with dramatically improved operational and cost efficiencies. By automating access workflows across the enterprise, healthcare executives achieve real-time visibility of all relevant access data, with instantaneous data-driven recommendations to predict and recommend physical access rights with full transparency and explanations. This also allows healthcare facilities to implement a “one badge solution” across all of its facilities, allowing personnel to easily gain access to where they need to be, easily, quickly and securely. 

Automated, Proactive Security 

Beyond gaining complete control and visibility to all access related activities,  PIAM and PVM solutions can proactively flag potential threats in real-time. This provides security and personnel management with insights that may otherwise go unnoticed, such as high-risk visitors or contractors attempting access using expired or stolen credentials, or other anomaly events such as an individual’s attempted access to unauthorized or restricted areas. 

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Improved Employee Management 

Advanced healthcare PIAM solutions also including on/off-boarding personnel, access change requests, and facilitating personnel transfers to accommodate changing roles or new work locations. Auditing and reporting functions are also automated, providing real-time documentation of access to high security areas like data centers, pharmacy areas, surgical centers, research labs, and the like.  

Better Patient/Visitor Experience

Whether visiting a healthcare facility as a patient or visitor, the experience can be stressful, even when facilitating the celebration of birth. PVM healthcare solutions turn cumbersome check-in procedures into positive experiences. Advanced mobile-enabled PVM solutions that support multiple self-service kiosks ensure that all visitors can check-in via their cell phone, and are properly vetted before being granted access – all with HIPAA and privacy compliancy. These powerful, yet easy to use PVM solutions ensure that healthcare facilities maintain tight access controls and adherence to established policies and procedures. 

Vector Flow is the leading PIAM and Patient Visitor Management solution provider. Our flexible solutions can be rapidly deployed across healthcare facilities and campuses, generating immediate improvements in overall security, safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

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