Will We Be Talking About Data-Driven Security In Five Years?

This was one of the questions posed in a recent GSX Panel at Atlanta. And rightfully so, it was perhaps better answered by another question – Why aren’t you using your security data now? You have it available to you! In my professional experience, there are two reasons why employing data-driven security has been difficult in the past:  Physical [...]


Insider Threat Prevention for Pharma… by the Numbers

Here are a few rather significant numbers just recently published by the PharmaTimes that CSOs and CISOs at pharma companies should take note of: 277 days– the average time it takes for pharma companies to identify and contain a data breach $5 million – the average cost of a data breach at a pharma company in 2021 $135 million – [...]


Take Three Steps Towards Automated Insider Threat Prevention

In an article on insider threats published by Gartner referencing a cyber breach at Marriott International, the hotel chain was fined over $120 million for leaking the data of more than 380 million hotel guests in the UK. Needless to say, this was a significant event with far-reaching financial consequences compounded by a loss of consumer confidence in this otherwise [...]

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Identity Management is Ailing the Healthcare Industry

Let’s start with these two alarming statistics: In Q2 of 2022 alone, over 5000 nurses were assaulted on the job Approximately 70% of all individuals entering a hospital every day are not employees Healthcare facilities need to be open yet secure environments to facilitate rapid and effective care of those in need of medical treatment by highly trained professionals and [...]


Vector Flow’s Physical Security Threat Intelligence Solution Wins 2022 New Product of the Year Award

Saratoga, CA (October 5, 2022) – Vector Flow, the industry leader and innovator of AI and data-driven physical security solutions, is proud to announce that its automated Physical Security Threat Intelligence Solution is the recipient of Security Today’s 2022 New Product of the Year Award for Threat Intelligence. This award recognizes Vector Flow’s Physical Security Threat Intelligence Solution for its [...]


Expert Panel Emphasizes: Data-Driven Security is Important Now!

At GSX 2022, Vector Flow convened an expert panel to discuss Data-Driven Security together with: Vik Ghai, CTO, Vector Flow, Inc. Daniel Tsybulsky, CPP, Associate Director, Corporate Security at Gilead Sciences Loren Hansen, CPP, CISSP, Safety/ Security Technology Manager at Juniper Networks Ed Chandler, Chairman, Security By Design They covered a range of issues and provided their advice on [...]


Reduce Office Costs with Vector Flow’s Workspace Occupancy Dashboard

The recent COVID pandemic disrupted many workplaces, and triggered organizations to review their office utilization, workspace planning processes, and priorities. In the process, many realized that they lacked the information, tools, or both to make good decisions about how to optimize their space usage. Hybrid office planning poses a new challenge The increases in remote and hybrid work brought [...]

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Key Features of Vector Flow’s Workspace Occupancy Dashboard

Those experiments gave the impression that while we are working in a hybrid model, we may not be able to utilize our space to the fullest. This means that we are paying, in some cases, over $1M / year per lease but we no longer have enough people in the office who would need that space. A recent McKinsey [...]

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“Only You Can Prevent Fires”

Preventive Measures for Lower Cost and Risk within Physical Security Operations If you manage physical security budgets or operations, a core year-over-year objective is to “do more with less.” Physical security device and system failures (and repairs) is one of the top-three operational expenses or interruptions for the physical security SOC teams, and is one of the first budget [...]


Top 3 Advantages of Automated Workforce Identity and Access Management

The creation of PIAM (Physical Identity and Access Management) software solutions has been a game-changer for improving physical security workflows. Organizations using manual, labor-intensive identity, badging, and access management processes get the most benefit from PIAM (also called Workforce Identity and Access Management (WFIAM)). However, as both the workforce and workplace evolve (given the dynamic nature of businesses, pandemic, [...]

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