Eliminating data noise, so that you can hear what really matters

We help your physical and IT teams to focus on where their attention should be — active issues in real-time so you can keep your visitors, employees, and patients joyful and secure.

Stop Wasting Money on False-Positive Alarms

SOCs spend approximately $200,000/per quarter on managing false alarms. Vector Flow’s platform analyzes historic and live data, then automatically recalibrates the systems to eliminate nuisance alarms. The ROI can be realized within weeks instead of months.

Improve Alarm Response Time

Let your SOC teams focus on real, actionable incidents and threats instead of chasing false alarms and performing low-priority risks. Enable them to provide a better quality of service, and improve incident response and resolution time.

A Safe Environment Starts with the Health of Your Security Devices

Understand the root cause of why alarms are happening. Vector Flow’s advanced AI and ML perpetually keep your PACS optimized, solving the nuisance alarm problems and providing a more secure environment.

Juniper Networks Reduces False Alarms by Over 80% Using our Security Operations SOC Suite to

  • Reduce false and nuisance alarms by over 80% in just a few months
  • Save over $250K by eliminating manual actions and automating SOC task
  • Reduce MTTA (Mean Time to Alarm Action) by 30%
  • Opimize over 4,000+ physical security devices

“The Vector Flow AI solution solves chronic false alarm problems out of the box.
We didn’t have to teach the platform anything – it started learning from our data and eliminated thousands
of potential alarms right away. This reduces our risks while helping us focus on real security issues.”

– Security Director at Global Hi-Tech Company

Our solutions work even better together

Physical Workforce
Identity Management Suite
Security OperationsSuite
Threat IntelligenceSuite
Application Studios
+ Self-service Application
+ Badging Credentialing Application
+ External Contractor Portal & Management
+ Bulk Operations Manager
+ Site Manager
+ External Company Manager
+ Task & Request Manager
+ Temp Card Manager
+ Background Security Checks
+ Cleanse Data De-duplication Application
+ Application Design Studio
+ Communication Studio
+ Third-Party Application Integration Studio
+ Multi-language Support Manager
+ Dashboard & Reporting Application
+ Identity & Area Audits
+ Transfer Audits
+ Real-time Audit Refresh Manager
+ AI-based Audit Tasks
Recommendation Engine
+ Bulk Audit Tasks Manager
+  Dashboards & Reports Manager
+ Access Reconciliation Application
+ Audit Scheduler & Tracker Application
+ Reminders & Escalation Application
+ Communication Studio
+ Application Design Studio
+ Reception (VMO) Manager
+ Kiosks & Mobile Kiosks
+ Application Design Studio
+ Watchlist Manager
+ Temp Card Manager
+ Dashboard & Reports Manager
+ Reception (VMO) Manager
+ Kiosks & Mobile Kiosks
+ Application Design Studio
+ Watchlist Manager
+ Temp Card Manager
+ Dashboard & Reports Manager
+ Real-Time Streaming Engine
+ AI & ML Models for Physical Security
+ AI Recommendation Engine
+ Playbook Studios
+ Integration Studios
+ Communication Studios
+ User Interface Studios
+ Report Studios