Vector Flow PIAM for Healthcare

Benefits for Healthcare Organizations
  • Eliminate all paper forms
  • Enforce hospital policies
  • Automates vendor and contractor audits
  • Enforce hospital policies
  • Better traceability of all identities
  • Reduces risks
  • Automates and personalize notifications
  • Enables proactive notifications
  • Automates reports with key metrics – Mean Time to On-Board
  • Provides a welcoming user experience
  • Automatically ensures valid access
  • Automates regular audits (quarterly or monthly)
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The Need for Vector Flow PIAM for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have a large number of individuals (with many different types of identities) that access their facility every day. As many as 70% of these individuals are not employees; they’re caregivers, contracted workers, students, interns, researchers, visiting healthcare professionals, etc. This large population of individuals is further supplemented by outpatients, admitted patients, and their visitors.

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This complexity presents a daunting challenge in managing the lifecycle of identities and their related physical access within healthcare facilities. Different types of identities—caregivers, employees and staff, contracted workers, medical students, interns, researchers, physicians, nurses, volunteers, technicians, etc.—have different reasons for accessing a healthcare facility and should be limited to access only those areas where they need to go. Areas bearing different types and levels of risks such as surgical centers, patient rooms, research labs, NICU, maternity wards, IC units, behavioral health, and pharmaceutical storage areas – also require special protections for various security and compliance reasons. Today’s manually managed access management process leads to widespread errors and a lack of visibility that increases potential risks and compliance failures.

The Joint Commission and CMS have increased regulations to reduce security risk, reduce workplace violence, and increase patient safety and care. The high risk of losing reimbursable funds from Medicare and Medicaid due to lack of compliance can have serious financial consequences.

Healthcare institutions have more challenges due to the diverse set of identities visiting hospitals at any given time. Most organizations have a manual process for the following tasks:

  • Physical access management: what specific areas access is given to what type of identity and when to revoke

  • New employee / contractor onboarding delays – initiating poor morale

  • Manual badging / credentialing process aiding to frustrations

  • Medical student/intern physical access management

  • Compliance, compliance, and more compliance: checking identities accessing healthcare facilities against several watch-lists like sex offenders and child-abuser databases, employees guilty of abuse and neglect, HHS list of excluded individuals, etc.

Vector Flow PIAM for Healthcare provides a fully automated solution to manage identities and physical access to mitigate risks and eliminate the error-prone manual processes.

Vector Flow‘s PIAM for Healthcare leverages the power of data from your healthcare organization’s existing Human Resources (HR), Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) and other security systems to make intelligent identity authentication & access provisioning decisions more quickly and with dramatically improved operational and cost efficiencies. A next-generation PIAM solution, Vector Flow automates physical security workflows across the enterprise by providing real-time visibility of all relevant access data, and data-driven recommendations to predict and recommend physical access rights with full transparency and explanations.

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Very often, as healthcare organizations grow with mergers and acquisitions and they amass workforce identities carrying different badges for different facilities. It’s a painful process, not just to manage such an environment, but also for physicians, nursing staff, contractors and employees who are inconvenienced during such transitions.

 Vector Flow PIAM for Healthcare solution provides data-driven approach that reduces risk and liability while increasing operational efficiency by streamlining manual processes for identity on/off-boarding with a “One Badge Solution”. This single credential solution allows employees to gain easy access to everything they need from day one on the job without the hassle of carrying multiple access credentials and filling out tedious forms.

Automation also helps healthcare security professionals to proactively flag potential threats such as high-risk visitors or contractors and send alerts based on anomaly events such as misuse of an employee’s access card or unauthorized access to restricted areas.

With multiple types of identities visiting healthcare facilities, an increase in mergers and acquisitions, plus a growing number of compliance regulations, healthcare organizations are realizing that automating PIAM processes provides a strategic asset that enables them to enhance both the caregiver and patient experience, while also increasing efficiencies and maintaining compliance.

Vector Flow’s PIAM for Healthcare integrates with multiple systems including HR (Workday, Sailpoint, Oracle, AD, etc.), PACS (Lenel, CCURE, AMAG, etc.), HL7, EPIC, Cerner, FHIR, vendor management, and other security systems. The powerful platform enables you to unify multiple, often disparate systems to provide the security operations teams with greater insights, efficiency, and control to help security professionals make intelligent identity decisions more quickly and holistically. The ever-present threat of workplace violence makes it imperative that in-house security teams have effective tools.

Vector Flow’s PIAM for Healthcare lets you manage your contingent workers such as vendors and contracted staff (physicians, nursing, and other medical staff) by offering a unique contingent workforce portal whereby the management of contractors (their identity documents, background checks, etc.) is delegated to the contracting companies. This saves healthcare organizations time and money.

The solution automates current manual processes to upload and manage competency requirements, complete prerequisites, and digitally sign disclosures via a secure Web portal. Based on an identity’s profile, Vector Flow’s PIAM for Healthcare automatically creates cardholder records with appropriate physical access for contractors, and allows them to enter into the facility with all compliance checks. Vector Flow streamlines the badging process as well so the user doesn’t experience delays through manual processing.

Vector Flow’s PIAM for Healthcare enables healthcare organizations to meet compliance and audits of The Joint Commission and HHS CMS regarding who has access where, why, who approved, and for how long. You can schedule periodic audits to review active badges, identities, and hazardous environments. Vector Flow’s PIAM for Healthcare’s data engine provides recommendations to help users make access or approval decisions for the implementation of physical security best practices and policies. The solution automates the complete badging process for various identity types – from photo collection to production of the badge, to access assignment, and access lifecycle management.

Vector Flow’s PIAM for Healthcare automates the physical access processes of onboarding, transfer of access, and terminations with integration to various kinds of HR and Physical Access systems. Vector Flow’s PIAM for Healthcare alleviates the burden on security personnel while reducing the inherent risks and errors of manual data entry. Using a self-service portal, caregivers can request additional access, replace a lost or stolen badge, or schedule a vendor or supplier visitor.

A self-service portal is built-in to improve the day-to-day user experience, allowing users to make updates and requests without waiting days for approval. It also integrates with HR/AD systems to modify access in accordance with a change in a job assignment, role, location, etc.

Vector Flow’s PIAM for Healthcare deploys in a fraction of the time compared to the existing legacy systems which typically take 1-2 years to deploy. Vector Flow’s unique healthcare-related playbooks and integrations with third-party systems make it unique in the industry. The cost of ownership is low, and the benefits are abundant.

Vector Flow’s PIAM for Healthcare automates and personalizes notifications to personnel, vendors, contractors, employees, and visitors. You can provide a welcoming patient and visitor experience with fast, effortless check-in while keeping the hospital secure. Proactive notifications can be issued for all critical pending and upcoming tasks, such as badges expiring soon, approaching contract deadlines, pending audits, badges to be printed, access requests requiring attention, and escalations.

Physical access audits are important so that the hospital can automatically ensure a valid access is given to an identity. Prescribing a regular audit (quarterly or monthly) can ensure that security gaps are identified and patched automatically by the system. Vector Flow allows for periodic re-badging of the identities per the compliance to regulations with no downtime or painful manual processing, keeps watch-lists and background checks in place, and keeps track of risky identities at all times.

Vector Flow PIAM for Healthcare Applications

Healthcare Employee Management and Self-Service

Vector Flow’s integrated, AI-powered platform provides a comprehensive solution for Healthcare organizations to manage all identities and caregivers with physical access to the hospital – both patient-facing and non-patient-facing. After years of an open environment, employees could come and go with no access restraints. Despite savvy healthcare IT systems (like HR, single sign-on etc.), many physical security processes are still manual, with no way to truly automate the process of on/off-boarding, access grants, and transfers due to changing roles or location. Audit and reporting is also a challenge when documenting who has access to high security areas such as the hospital’s data center (patient data is KING), pharmacy areas (issuance of drugs), patient areas, surgical centers, research labs, etc. Vector Flow’s PIAM for Healthcare makes things easy.

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  • Integration with multiple systems: HR, PACS, vendor management, other security systems, etc.
  • Automatic on/off boarding: Management of identities & physical access
  • Access cards management: Print/Issue/Read/Encode
  • Access pre-requisites: Documents, background checks, and training per ID
  • Birthright Physical Access Calculation and Provisioning: Automatic calculation of physical access a particular identity would need on his/her day 1 of the job
  • New Hire experience: Receiving an access badge with the right access to the right locations from day one
  • Access change requests: Automates and streamlines requests for changes to access including lost badge, new badge, new photo requests, different access requests, expired cards, job change, identity change (student becoming staff etc), terminations, new hires, etc.

Contingent Worker (Vendor, Contractor) Management

  • Complete automation of the entire process of contingent worker’s on/off-boarding, badging, and credentialing
  • Secure, web-based badge application to collect all pre-requisites (training, documents, background checks, etc.) related to the contingent workers
  • Automate badge application review and approval process
  • Control physical access automatically upon expiration of pre-requisite criteria
  • Assign delegated administration to the worker’s company to comply with the organization’s processes. Offloads work to the contingent worker’s company – saving you time and money
  • Easy badge and company access audits for real-time compliance as well as reduced risk

Employee self-service features

  • Quick Links to common self-service functions
  • Quick, actionable view of pending requests, tasks, and audits
  • AI / Data-driven recommendations
  • Corporate Security announcements
  • Recent items “Worked On” for a quick return to complete a task, submit a draft request, etc.

Audit & Compliance

  • Automate regular badge review tasks to retain and revoke unwarranted badges
  • Maintain 100% ‘audit ready’ for different compliance needs
  • Simplify tasks for audit owners with unique AI-driven recommendations
  • Instant, real-time analysis of all identity and physical access risks
  • Easy-to-use playbooks can be created, modified, deployed within minutes
  • Insights to identity risks with built-in remediation recommendations

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