Saratoga, CA (November 29, 2022) – Vector Flow, the industry leader and innovator of physical security solutions with a mission to streamline security processes with AI-driven intelligence, was selected by one of the world’s largest software companies to replace their legacy PIAM system with modern, fast, simplified, reliable, and data-driven solutions.

Moving from Legacy to Modernity

This large, US-based software company, with offices globally and over 220,000 employees, looked to replace their legacy PIAM system that continuously failed and had challenges in keeping data integrity across all global sites. In addition, the company’s previous PIAM solution was unable to scale at the rate required to address the volume of transactions coming from many of the company’s national and international outposts. Unreliable data found within the system further resulted in frequently failed access audits and a poor user experience.

Vector Flow was chosen to replace the company’s legacy PIAM system, after evaluating other technologies in the market, and for good reason.   

“The customer was simply looking for a modern solution that works all the time and that can create the highest user satisfaction,” said Ajay Jain, CEO at Vector Flow. “Vector Flow’s data-driven approach and its ability to address 100% of the pain points including no-code customization, infinite scalability, 99.99% uptime and very low support cost led them to replace their legacy PIAM with Vector Flow’s solution”

Approaching Scalability with Simplicity & AI

Vector Flow not only addresses the shortfalls of the customer’s existing PIAM solution, but also delivered unique AI-based recommendation engine technology and an intuitive user interface effectively that removed complexity from the customer’s operating environment. 

The customer relied heavily on Vector Flow’s experience providing system stability and ease of use during peak operational periods. Vector Flow proved more than capable of providing uninterrupted operations to the company that saw a data volume of up to 400,000 changes per day. 

Today, the customer manages their global workforce on/off boarding requirements, access provisioning across multiple physical access control systems, global badging with remote printing, access control, and the identity management of all visitors and vendors globally with ease. The Vector Flow system is also set up for scale which significantly decreases the total cost of ownership and deployment time that would have not been possible under legacy systems. 

“First-generation legacy PIAM systems often present limitations related to technology and field experience which prohibits them to scale up and fulfill customers’ requirements. Hence, custom hard-coded developments eventually lead to support and stability challenges,” said Ajay Jain, CEO at Vector Flow. “Vector Flow was built with simplicity in mind, designed to address all legacy complexities with AI that provides an easy way to upgrade, support, and scale up. Our system allows custom changes to be done without coding. Therefore, we can provide the lowest cost of ownership with all the benefits of modern technology to the customer.”


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About Vector Flow  

Vector Flow are people-first innovators in Physical Security technologies. They help your Physical Security & IT teams automate the processes leveraging data insights — so you can keep your employees, contractors, and visitors happy and your assets secure. The company’s advanced cloud-enabled and on-premises platform converts raw security data from multiple sources into intelligent insights to drive operational performance and business results. Vector Flow automates several key security processes such as Physical Identity & Access Management, COVID Return to Work Portal, Visitor Identity Management, SOC Automation, False Alarm Detection, and Reduction, etc. Vector Flow solutions leverage data intelligence to automate business processes, tasks, and workflows to reduce security distractions and expand continuous intelligence – allowing security personnel to focus on tasks that matter and make decisions faster.