Automates Identity Management, dramatically increasing operational efficiencies

PIAM software screen

Las Vegas, NV (March 23, 2022) – Vector Flow, the leader and innovator of data-driven physical security solutions, is demonstrating its innovative Physical Workforce Identity Suite (PIAM) at ISC West 2022. Designed to deliver a one-credential, one-identity solution across the enterprise, this powerful solution leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automate all identity management tasks, taking care of routine Identity Management functions quickly and efficiently. The AI-enabled software uses learning algorithms to quickly identify and address security gaps and also delivers recommendations for security improvements. The software uncovers previously hidden operational details, providing actionable insights to management.

Vector Flow’s customers include several Fortune 500 customers, including healthcare, finance, insurance and telecommunications clients. By deploying Vector Flow’s Physical Workforce Identity Suite (PIAM), customers realize almost immediate benefit through reductions in cost and improvements in data accuracy. A leading telecommunications provider is on track to save millions of dollars in direct costs over the course of their five-year contract. This customer manages 500,000 identities across the world. Within three months of deploying Vector Flow’s Physical Workforce Identity Suite (PIAM), the customer experienced a 200% improvement in user experience and adoption. The organization stopped failing compliance audits and the team regained faith in the accuracy of their data.

“Automating physical security workflows is a game changer in our industry. The Physical Workforce Identity Suite (PIAM) transforms the user experience by providing real-time visibility to all relevant Identity Management data, giving full transparency and explanations through data-driven recommendations,” said Ajay Jain, President and CEO of Vector Flow, Inc. “The market is responding well to Vector Flow’s innovative solutions and the company is experiencing hyper-growth, with revenues increasing more than 250% year over year.”

The Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity Suite (PIAM) includes automation of:

  • On and off-boarding
  • Badging and credentialing
  • Access permissions and change management
  • Visitor identity management
  • Physical access audits and compliance
  • Risk applications

Unlike legacy PIAM products, Vector Flow’s Physical Workforce Identity Suite (PIAM) is easy to install, quick to deploy and leverages intuitive features, making it easy for employees of all levels to use. As business processes and needs change, the versatile application designer studio allows the system to be tailored to meet customer’s specific needs without having to write any code.

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