Machine Learning, AI-powered technology reduces false alarms, automates time-consuming tasks, and detects & remediates IOT device failures

Las Vegas, NV (March 23, 2022) – Vector Flow, the leader and innovator of data-driven physical security solutions, is demonstrating its break-through Security Operations Center (SOC) Automation Suite at ISC West 2022. Vector Flow’s innovative SOC Automation Suite provides a single source-of-truth that helps security management deliver a tangible return on investment. The solution features three AI-driven modules – SOC Alarm Reduction, SOC Governance Manager, and SOC Predictive Maintenance Manager – that tie physical security processes together and automate time-consuming, manual tasks. By deploying the Vector Flow SOC Automation Suite, security leaders can increase productivity of SOC operators/agents, maintain compliance through data-generated reports, and decrease downtime of connected devices and associated maintenance costs.

“We are proud to partner with Fortune 1,000 customers to help them change the trajectory of how SOCs operate. Juniper Networks, a leader in networking solutions, deployed Vector Flow’s SOC Automation Suite and noticed a drop in false alarms within the first 24 hours. Within a few weeks, they experienced an 80%+ drop in the total number of false-positive and nuisance alarms. During the same time, the SOC Automation Suite scanned more than 1,000 devices connected to their security system and identified ones needing adjustments or repairs,” said Ajay Jain, Founder and CEO of Vector Flow. “Our expertise in understanding the underlying data produced by clients’ physical security systems, and in applying the right mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, lets us detect and remediate false alarms, identify devices needing attention, and provide management with actionable, operational insights to quickly produce tangible ROI.”

Vector Flow SOC Alarm Reduction Manager analyzes historic and live data, then mathematically recalibrates the system to eliminate over 80% of false-positive/nuisance alarms over period of time. SOCs receive hundreds-to-thousands of alarms every day; reducing the number of false alarms has an immediate positive impact on security operations and budgets, both in terms of reduced investigation costs and increased attention to legitimate alarms. Generally, nuisance alarms account for over 80% of the total alarm counts in any organization. Payback from this automation investment can be measured not in years or months, but in days.

Vector Flow SOC Governance Manager helps security leaders take an outcome-driven approach to managing the performance of their security program. With SOC Governance, security management can continuously monitor and assess their organization’s current security state, analyze how security outcomes rank SOC operators and field officers, and create improvement plans that reduce risk and costs.

Vector Flow SOC Predictive Maintenance Manager autonomously finds trends in devices’ health, performs risk and criticality assessments, identifies failure modes, and makes predictive maintenance recommendations. The intuitive, fully-automated solution greatly reduces routine and emergency repairs and maintenance costs, while eliminating unnecessary business disruptions and risks.

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