Physical Workforce Identity Solutions


Solving Physical Access Compliance Challenges

Enterprises are in constant state of flux. Business conditions change, mergers and acquisitions happen, old contracts expire, new ones emerge, contractors, temporary workers and third parties are now part of the workforce, and people move to new locations or roles with new responsibilities. All of these changes put constant pressure on organizations to ensure that the right folks have the right access to physical entities at all times.

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real-time statistics on occupancy metrics

Vector Flow’s Intelligent Physical Workforce Identity solution with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities performs advanced peer group analytics and reduces self-service requests, and makes real-time recommendations for common end-user’s access requests such as:

  • Physical access assignment or terminations
  • Access requests and approvals
  • Area owner and manager’s access audits and attestation
  • Recommendations: Intelligent data-driven AI algorithms provides real-time recommendations to end-users for tasks such as:
    • New hire access assignment
    • Request for access
    • Approval for requested access
    • Termination of access
    • Access audits and compliance to regulations
real-time statistics on occupancy metrics

Recommendations cut down decision time and errors, and conducts thorough research in a split second by applying expert AI rules to extract meaningful information to help make the right decision.

  • Ability to enhance workflows, rules etc. to meet your business requirements

The physical Identity Lifecycle Management solution provides easy automated steps to approve workflows, provides perpetual audit information for auditors and ensures that data privacy of users is always maintained.

A recent customer automated over 95% of the manual tasks associated with on/off boarding of the identities across their physical infrastructure. Facility access assignments are given in minutes versus days or weeks at times boosting dramatic increase in productivity. The system comes with an expert recommendations engine so that the right level of facility access can be requested and approved.

Area owner and manager access audit tasks were all automated achieving over 99% of audit completion tasks at every audit cycle. The system keeps track of continuous access audit by having intelligent algorithms analyze and place limitations on who can get into your organization’s restricted doors, where, when and how they can access it, and what they can do with it.

Who: Ensuring only active employee and contractors have access to restricted doors with proper approvals and permissions.

What: Ensuring that the new hire gets the appropriate access privileges for the role and location of the person. If the role changes, the associated physical access privileges will also be updated.

Where: Ensuring the person’s access depends upon their location and that if the location changes, the physical access adjusts accordingly.

When: Ensuring access is granted when it is needed, especially for contractors and third parties to ensure elimination of risks with 24×7 access. Granular physical access controls can provide temporary access for a limited amount of time. For example, a contractor could be given credentials that are set to time out at the end of their contract. Or traveling sales-people get building access only when they are visiting.

Why: Physical access granted is mapped to the role the person has and also takes into account their peers under the same management hierarchy, location, etc. This approach helps keep physical access tightly managed as opposed to getting privileges amassed over time.