Automate Physical Security Operations with AI-Driven Intelligence

The Platform for Data Driven Security Intelligence

Modern enterprises are pressured towards enabling faster decision making, fostering collaboration, and driving sustainable competitive advantage. Data driven decision making plays an integral step towards achieving this goal. The methodology towards inferencing from large volumes of data to quickly triangulating to a small subset of right data and then derive actionable insights is fast becoming a necessity for enterprises to stay ahead of the game. The Vector Flow AI Enabled Physical Security Automation Platform simplifies and improves physical security operations while delivering tangible ROI and lowering TCO, enabling new levels of Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR). Vector Flow unifies PIAM, surveillance and security systems with alarms, event management and automated “playbook” workflows in real-time to deliver actionable insights.

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Benefits and Capabilities

Support the ability to transform changes in real time.

Support advanced AI/ML techniques to identify patterns and detects anomalies, make predictions and/or provide specific recommendations.

Provide several out-of-box (OOB) and ML driven playbooks that automate a broad set of functions.

Provide visual actionable rules and workflows editor to automate both simple and advanced use cases.

Support real-time collaboration capabilities to rapidly collaborate and respond to incidents.

Provide rich design studios for end users & partners to build easy No-Code App Extensions leveraging the underlying platform.

Provide easy security and privacy restrictions through modern authentication and authorization, encryption and privacy controls.

Scalable and meet dynamic performance requirements, ability to recover from unexpected outages or disruptions.

The core software can be deployed on-premises, in a private cloud or as a fully hosted solution.

Platform Advantages

Built-in Connectors

The platform supports out-of-box built-in connectors with several 3rd party systems such as PACS, LDAP/AD system, Databases, Video feeds, Biometrics, IOT sensors etc. The received data from these systems is processed and transformed into internal normalized states that are then processed by several downstream modules such as AI/ML, runbooks, scheduler, invocation of 3rd party gateway services etc. The incoming data streams can be processed in real-time or offline (batch) mode.

Integrated AI & Machine Learning

Incoming data streams are passed through several advanced data enrichment steps backed by open-source AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms. Advanced patterns such as (1) detect an anomaly event (2) predict an occurrence event or (3) make a specific recommendation are then executed. The Physical Workforce Identity Suite and the SOC Automation Suite leverage the platform today towards enabling AI-enabled decision making across a broad set of use case scenarios. The core capabilities can be extensible to support a broader set of application modules going forward.

Faster Decision Making

The core platform then takes advantage of recommendations coming out from the AI/ML engines into specific actions. Provide several out-of-box (OOB) and ML driven playbooks that automate a broad set of PIAM and SOC functions. Rich interactive dashboards and visualizations present a rich view of “what-if” metrics-driven scenarios to an operator. Examples can include, whether it’s sending out an alert to an operator, blocking a perpetrator access to a site, auto scheduling certain jobs based on certain triggers, or updating configuration data.

Physical Workforce Identity
Product Suite

The Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity Suite grants access to secure physical sites and locations based on a set of dynamic security policies and risk assessments, boosting operational efficiency while also improving organizational security.

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SOC Automation

The Vector Flow SOC Automation Suite delivers critical automation functionality, empowering the rapid development and standardization of automated security operations without requiring the expense of custom coding or programming.

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