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Discover how the winner of Security Today’s 2022 product award within Threat Intelligence leverages lessons learned from real incidents and integrates both people-centric and technology-centric approaches to help YOUR organization identify, mitigate, and thwart insider attacks through a physical security platform.

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 According to the CISA[1], FBI[2], OSHA[3], and US Bureau of Justice[4] pre-attack behaviors of “insiders” could have been observed via technical means to mitigate these incidents.

With the rise of Cyber Attacks and Workplace Violence, especially those driven by insider attacks, CISOs and CSOs around the world are looking for reliable Physical Security Threat Intelligence solutions to ensure the safety, security, and reputation of their organizations.

The insiders who sabotage or exploit an organization’s assets don’t just snap. Before major incidents (such as workplace violence, fraud, or cyber attack), they follow a pathway of planning or research and anomalous activities. They engage in troubling behavior that is observable as anomalies (for eg visiting a site at odd hours, accessing areas they have never visited, attempting to enter restricted areas where they are not authorized, etc) and may alarm co-workers or security personnel. Their findings from the investigations conducted by agencies listed above confirm that information about potential insider threats can be captured by physical security and/or cybersecurity systems before harm occurs – thus underscoring the need for proactive threat intelligence as well as information sharing to prevent insider sabotage. Identifying such activity and collaboration between multiple disciplines – such as physical and cybersecurity, and human resources – is critical to preventing acts of workplace violence.

Vector Flow’s Threat Intelligence Suite provides opportunities to “connect the dots”, share information, and identify growing concerns. A holistic approach, shared by HR, physical security, and IT is able to help employees – save their jobs and avoid more destructive acts.

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Leveraging Threat Intelligence Suite to Solve Multiple Use Cases

Insider Risk and Threat Monitoring

Identify high-risk profiles with risk-based analytics, data mining, anomaly, and behavior detection. Help security teams by creating a baseline using profiling attributes from HR/LDAP and Physical Security records, events, access repository, logs, etc.

Anomalous Activity Monitoring

Detect anomalies in physical access patterns, and physical security alarms, using machine learning algorithms tuned to inspect various parameters like timestamp, location, door, address, device, transaction patterns, high-risk alarm codes, peer groups, etc. Identify any deviation from the normal behavior that may be indicative of a threat.

Poor Data Hygiene

Given the manual data management practices for different identity types such as Employees, Contractors, Vendors, Badge Only, Temporary Cards, Visitors etc. Vector Flow automatically detects poor data hygiene issues such as blank or null records, duplicate records, incorrect formats, wrong encoding, missing values, etc.

Security Process Issues

Identify as security process issues such as manual data entry errors, personnel with more than 1 active access card, a high number of remote unlock of doors in restricted areas, etc. By detecting unusual security processes and activities, Vector Flow can detect and proactively remediate.

Key Capabilities

Vector Flow Threat Intelligence detects and responds quickly to threats based on an understanding of the normal activity that continuously learns and adjusts to characterize suspicious and anomalous activity. Combined with our out-of-the-box threat content and other risk analytical capabilities, Vector Flow Threat Intelligence helps security teams quickly distinguish malicious activity from within millions of events.

  • Ready to run Threat Models: Detect threats immediately upon deployment with hundreds of behavior-based ML models for the most popular use cases and industries that adapt to your organization
  • Risk Scoring: risk engine combines all data of our telemetry, analytics, and behavioral modeling into a unified risk core that helps security teams prioritize investigation and response actions
  • Remediation Playbooks: standard set of procedures to remediate, and track successful mitigations from threats. This could mean revoking physical access and/or sending an email/text message asking for identity confirmation. This helps organizations proactively identify potential threats they cannot see today, without increasing work for already overloaded security teams
  • Data Masking: Mask any data attribute using roles or individual users to support data privacy requirements

The best way to stop an insider attack is to prevent it from happening in the first place. By employing real-time Vector Flow Threat Management within Physical Security and the principle of least privilege – insider threats can be thwarted before they even occur.

Vector Flow’s ID Risk Dashboard Provides These Unique Benefits:

  • Stay ahead of the security curve by proactively spotting risky or suspicious users and access anomalies that pose insider threats
  • Discover misconfigured security access policies to help better maintain continuous compliance across the entire organization
  • Enable sharing of KPIs to improve risk analysis and investigation between physical and cyber security teams
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of your PIAM program by utilizing highly accurate metrics with dashboards that are shared with other stakeholders, including executives
  • Leverage experience from security practitioners, investigators, and 3,000+ real cases of insider threats with deep learning techniques that eliminate the need to create complex correlation rule

Thwart Physical Security Threats with Vector Flow today!

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