Reinventing Workforce Identity and Access Security with Automation

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Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity Product Suite

One of the foundational suite of applications in our innovative AI Enabled Physical Security Automation Platform is the Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity Suite. It leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology including workflow playbooks, rules, and recommendation engines to deliver workforce identity automation functionality. For example, the system auto-calculates the required set of physical access for new employees, intelligently recommends areas to be removed when conducting access audits, etc.

The system grants access to secure physical sites and locations based on a set of dynamic security policies and risk assessments, boosting operational efficiency while also improving organizational security.

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Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity improves security efficiency and speed while reducing overall security risks and providing robust management information. And with powerful automated configuration and pre-built playbooks, Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity analyzes your current operational rules to delivers out-of-box workflows that require minimal, if any, human intervention to deliver required results.

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