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Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity Product Suite

One of the foundational suite of applications in our innovative AI Enabled Physical Security Automation Platform is the Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity Suite. It leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology including workflow playbooks, rules, and recommendation engines to deliver workforce identity automation functionality. For example, the system auto-calculates the required set of physical access for new employees, intelligently recommends areas to be removed when conducting access audits, etc.

The system grants access to secure physical sites and locations based on a set of dynamic security policies and risk assessments, boosting operational efficiency while also improving organizational security.

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Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity improves security efficiency and speed while reducing overall security risks and providing robust management information. And with powerful automated configuration and pre-built playbooks, Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity analyzes your current operational rules to delivers out-of-box workflows that require minimal, if any, human intervention to deliver required results.

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The Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity system incorporates a unique, automated rapid configuration function that is based upon data-driven AI algorithms. This intelligent software analyses your existing systems and data and continually audits them to discover business processes and rules and continues to improve them over time.

The AI-driven configuration and rules engine built into the Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity system learns and adapts to your organizational changes to keep your access policies up to date – automatically!

Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity employs intelligent algorithms to monitor, analyze and place rules and limitations on access, including:

Who has access to restricted areas

What they have access to

Where they have access at various locations

When and how long they require access

Why they have access based on title and seniority

This helps to streamline on-boarding and offboarding processes while unifying identities and access credentials across multiple facilities and locations.

Additional benefits of Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity include:

  • Perpetual audits for improved security
  • Mobile capabilities and experience to employees and partners
  • Automation of access provisioning
  • Self-service and unification of access policies
  • AI / machine learning based recommendations
  • Personal privacy compliance including right to be forgotten and informed

Built into the Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity system, intelligent data-driven AI algorithms provides real-time recommendations to end-users for tasks such as:

  • New hire access assignment
  • Request for access
  • Approval for requested access
  • Termination of access
  • Access audits and compliance to regulations

Within the Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity system, an AI-based Identity risk engine runs continuously in the background to detect access anomalies, too many unused access profiles, ghost accounts, terminated identities still active, compliance to regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and HIPAA, risky cardholder behavior, and more. Continuous enforcement of security policies and physical access privileges improve overall organizational safety and security – automatically!

The Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity system include simple-to-use design tools for end users to add, change, and modify their user interface, workflows, and rules without programming.

Applications in the Physical Workforce Identity Suite

Each of the four primary applications in the Physical Workforce Identity Suite supports powerful business objectives, improving physical security systems and operations to reduce risk and deliver faster, better outcomes. The Vector Flow Physical Workforce Identity Suite is comprised of four primary enterprise software applications:

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Intelligently Grant Right Physical Access

Physical Identity and Access Manager (PIAM)

This AI-driven application uses intelligent algorithms to streamline and automate workforce identity on/off boarding processes including their physical access provisioning in appropriate physical access control systems. This application ensures right access is given to the right identity at all times by applying roles and approval rules logic. It eliminates many of the risks involved with granting unfettered 24/7 access. Working in tandem with HR systems, PIAM creates a system of record for all enterprise identities and related physical access within physical security. Employees, contractors, traveling salespeople, and visitors can all be handled appropriately, and the system ensures that applicable policies are consistently and accurately enforced.

Always ON Security & Audits

Compliance & Audit Manager (CAM)

Staying compliant with physical access audits requires a lot of effort. Frequent changes including people changing jobs or being promoted, changes in reporting structure, working on special projects, and joining, vacationing, or leaving the organization, among others, often creates an audit headache.

The Vector Flow Intelligent Compliance and Audit Manager automates all tasks that enforce and prove compliance to keep your organization “audit ready.” Reports related to monthly, quarterly and annual area owner and manager access audits and validations are always ready for the defined period. Recommendation Engine reduces the audit burden on managers by making it very easy to review and certify access by person and by area. Vector Flow expedites compliance with internal controls as well as global government regulations including: CCPA, FISMA, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, SOC 2 Audit, and more.

Enable Employees with Instant Self-service

Self-Service Access Manager (SAM)

This application empowers users to request or approve / grant physical access to any corporate door resources at anytime, anywhere. SAM provides identity insights and risks so that approver could make an informed decision before granting physical access. The intelligent in-built AI based recommendation engine calculates this in real-time and prompts the approver to take quick decisions. SAM can speed up the whole process of access request, assignments and revocation using your desktop or phone at your convenience including ability to delegate tasks to someone else in the organization. SAM reduces customer service costs and boosts productivity.

View Insider Threats and Take Appropriate Action

ID Risk Dashboard

Vector Flow’s Physical Security Threat Intelligence Solution bridges the gap between physical and cyber security, utilizing AI and machine learning to proactively identify insider threats, physical site risks, card anomalies, and physical security endpoint risks. The technology continues to apply intelligent algorithms, correlating several data vectors and rules to automate processes, thereby alleviating risks from operations and alerting management when irregularities are detected.

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Information is presented through Vector Flow’s ID Risk Dashboard that provides insights into operational and security risks. Data can be viewed on a per user, device, or facility level basis, along with recommendations for remediation or action. The ID Risk Dashboard uses simple visuals to depict key risk indicators, and highlights which controls are working and which are redundant. The Dashboard serves as a common platform to share KPIs and risk analysis across departments, improving collaboration between physical and cyber security teams.

By using Vector Flow’s ID Risk Dashboards, customers have found compromised access credentials, compromised doors, compromised IOT devices, tailgating incidents from non-employees, devices with default passwords or expired certificates, and open ports. The quick identification of risky users, risky access patterns, and risky devices that pose insider threats helps physical security teams – and cyber security teams – stay ahead of the security curve.

Emergency / Pandemic Access Management

Emergency Access Manager (EAM)

In case of an emergency, whether it’s a COVID-19 or similar other outbreak, political unrest, or an active shooter incident, your office access control and the door behavior must be managed intelligently and immediately.

AI-based intelligent policies adapt and control the situation autonomously so that manual enforcement of policies and other error-prone tasks are eliminated. Policies can automatically trigger to reduce occupancy capacity of one or more facilities if needed based upon the guidelines or allow access to specific muster areas or protected locations. Contact tracing is also supported in case of an epidemic such as COVID-19. All of these automated actions reduce the burdens on security and HR staff during an emergency while providing a consistent and trackable methodology to gain facility access.

Emergency preparedness is more than manageable and compliant when you have the right systems. Vector Flow provides out-of-box reporting for California Senate Bill (“SB”) 1159 and Assembly Bill (“AB”) 685. SB 1159 requires employers to report positive COVID-19 tests to their workers’ compensation claim administrator. AB 685 requires employers to provide notice and report information related to COVID-19 exposures and provides the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (“Cal/OSHA”) expanded authority to enforce such requirements and ensure safe workplace operations. Vector Flow helps employers stay compliant with reporting requirements, within the stated periods and maintain compliance records as required by law.

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