Reinventing Visitor Identity
Management (VIM) With Data
Enabled Automation

  • Invitations (via Self-Service or calendar), custom requests (VIP)
  • Issues QR codes for fast check-in
  • Capture photos, and legal documents prior to arrival
  • Send notifications via email, text message, MS Teams
  • Watchlist Screening, Risky Visitors
  • Walk-in Visitor Registration
  • Kiosk Touchless Check-in
  • Branded Kiosks
  • Issue Paper/ID Badge
  • Sign NDAs and other docs
  • Automatically Notify Host
  • Issue WiFi Credential
  • Issue Access Control Badge
  • Reduce Mean Time to Check-In, Mean Time to Muster
  • Mustering for Visitors and Employees
  • Visitor Forecast for front desk Planning
  • Customize your Playbooks
  • SSO and Host provisioning
  • Support Multiple-Locations
  • Healthcare (Joint Commission)
  • Enterprises (GDPR, OSHA, etc)
  • Data Centers (ISO 27001, SOC)
  • Utilities (NERC CIP)
  • Oil & Gas
  • Aviation (TSA Security Directives)

“Vector Flow has elevated our visitor management process into our way of communicating our company’s innovation in welcoming guests, our security, our brand awareness, real-time notifications, and privacy. The system is easy to set up and use, and very intuitive for our employees, visitors, and front desk workers. Vector Flow compliments our security teams’ efforts helping everyone at the company from visitor host to front desk workers to upper management everyone has been happy with it.”

– Security Specialist at Global Fortune 100 Company

5 Reasons Why Customers Choose Vector Flow Visitor ID Management

Amazing Visitor Experience

Facility and security managers live simplified registration, kiosk-enabled check-in, and quick visitor badges for their offices, multi-tenant buildings, corporate campuses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and airports.


Proactively checks for visitor risks in watchlists, or in visitor patterns such as a high number of repeat visits while protecting your facilities and ensuring safety of your employees
and assets.

Enterprise Ready to Deploy

Deploy pre-configured visitor management playbooks or customize them for rapid rollout (within weeks) throughout your enterprise to achieve security and compliance objectives.

Communicates your Brand

Easily add your logos to kiosks, Visitor Notifications, etc to represent your brand – build experiences that make each visit productive and memorable.

Guaranteed Compliance

Enable visitor playbooks to
meet the highest compliance standards by your industry
best practices.

Vector Flow, the leader in data-driven physical security management, empowers security and facility departments to make visitor experiences easy, secure, and frictionless.

Vector Flow is the only solution in the market that offers an integrated solution with
industry-specific playbooks to deliver unparalleled security across multiple locations, protecting all personnel, facilities, and data.

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Contact us Now for a Demo