COVID Return-to-Work Portal Helps Bring Workers Back Safely

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Organizations have begun bringing workers back into offices and other facilities even as the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. To effectively resume operations, there are many factors to consider, including:

  • The safety, health and wellness of workers, visitors, and vendors
  • Adherence to Federal, State, and local guidelines
  • Workplace and Occupation-specific risks

It is essential to create a balance between efficient business operations and workers’ health and safety, while providing workers with an environment where they feel safe, confident, and productive to minimize risk.

Vector Flow’s COVID Return-to-Work Portal provides an AI-based end-to-end solution utilizing high-performance data streaming and pre-defined COVID playbooks. This easy-to-use, configurable yet intuitive solution integrates with your own data to ensure compliance to COVID-related regulations and organizational policies. The Vector Flow COVID Return-to-Work Portal enables you to achieve a safe, compliant workplace by offering a product that automates:

  1. Vaccination Mandate Tracking
  2. Periodic Health Screening
  3. HR/Healthcare Team Portal, Case Management
  4. Physical Access Management and Enterprise Integrations
  5. Contact Tracing and COVID Compliant Reporting
  6. Return to Work and Site Occupancy Dashboard

The system also supports a wide variety of configuration parameters that help tailor your Organization’s Ready to Work Program.

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Vector Flow’s COVID Return-to-Work Portal is a highly secure highly secure solution can run either On Prem, on your Cloud or hosted in the Vector Flow Cloud. Vector Flow data processing follows HIPAA compliant standards, with security features including data encryption and key management, AES-256 encryption for data at rest, SSL for data in transit, role based access control with specified levels of access, and audit trail logging. Vaccination and testing attestation records can be stored within Vector Flow’s encrypted database on-premises or in a Secure Data Vault.

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Key COVID Return-to-Work Portal Features

This software portal is specifically designed to help organization smoothly manage return to work of workforce using mobile-enabled, easy-to-use application which can be easily integrated with organization’s physical security systems to implement organization wide policies by enabling or disabling the accesses of workers based on their responses.

The portal has a set of configurable rules, screens, workflows, and notifications that support a flexible implementation based on your organization’s scenarios. Configurable features include:

Vaccination Mandate Tracking

  • Capture each worker’s vaccination status such as – Fully vaccinated, Partially Vaccinated, COVID Test results
  • Provision to apply for special accommodation, provide supporting details, submitting accommodation documents for validation
  • Ability for worker to submit supporting documentation and for appropriate staff to validate
    • Vaccination Card
    • Test Results
    • Special Accommodation requests
  • Workflows and configurable User Roles (i.e., HR, Health Officer) to review documents and monitor the process
  • Each worker has continuous access to Health Status records and a QR Code to provide status and prior records


Periodic Health Screening

  • Regular health screening assessments based on CDC/ OSHA guidelines to access health status of the workforce
  • Configurable timeframes for Screening (i.e., Daily, Bi-weekly, Weekly, Fortnightly, etc.)
  • Access card enablement/disablement based on the responses received as per organization playbook directives
  • Notifications via email and/or text messages when each worker is due to submit a new Health Screening response
  • Escalations and reminders to ensure actions taken are appropriate and workers are provided ample opportunity to respond
  • Receipt of QR code based on the successful completion of health screening