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Reduce False Alarms to Improve Monitoring Efficiencies

Historically, security management has relied on a Security Operation Center (SOC) to protect people, property and assets, mitigating overall risks and liabilities. Security systems are designed so that a SOC is notified whenever an alarm occurs. Based on SOC procedures, each notification may require between 2 and 10 minutes of the operator’s time to verify the alarm, initiate video verification to observe activity, and in some cases dispatch a security officer to the source of the alarm to investigate. With hundreds-to-thousands of such alarms every day, large organizations bear significant costs for this time and effort, or accept elevated risks and liabilities if limited resources are unable to review every alarm.


An analysis of the security marketplace has shown that 80-90% of all alarms are either false-positives or nuisance alarms. Reducing the number of these false alarms will have an immediate positive impact on security operations and budgets, both in terms of reduced investigation costs and increased attention to legitimate alarms.

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Vector Flow’s SOC Automation solutions provide fast Return on Investment (ROI) by performing real-time analysis of all historic and live data from physical security devices, logs and configurations, and then mathematically recalibrating the systems to eliminate 80% of false-positive/nuisance alarms. By reducing SOC alarm workload by 80%, Vector Flow’s machine learning-driven automation allows SOC operators to spend their time proactively resolving real alarms, instead of chasing false positives which can cause “alarm fatigue”. ROI from this advanced level of automation can be realized in just days, as the Vector Flow solution eliminates approximately 60-80% of false-positive or nuisance alarms within 48 hours of deployment.

Features & Benefits

  • Significant false alarm reduction rates
  • Improved SOC services during and post COVID-19
  • 1000+ devices automatically monitored & optimized, immediately eliminating numerous manual tasks
  • SOC operators have time to focus on real security issues/alarms
  • Proactively notifies which devices need repair
  • Identifies SOC training gaps
  • Out-of-box dashboard operation and integration with PACS environment
eliminate 80% of false-positive or nuisance alarms

Customer Success Story

Challenge: A global networking company was constantly inundated with thousands of alarms at their global SOC facility putting a constant pressure on their analysts. The Mean- Time-To-Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Acknowledge (MTTA) reported times were several hours, leaving them very little time to focus on real security issues/alarms and operational improvements. The customer realized a strong need for an AI/ML driven platform that can help them focus on the real actionable alerts.

Results: They added the Vector Flow SOC Automation Manager

  1. >80% reduction in nuisance alarms
  2. Reduced time between detection and response from hours to minutes
  3. 1000+ devices automatically monitored & optimized, eliminated manual tasks day zero