Workspace Occupancy Solutions

For better space planning, tenant experience, and access control.

Gain Visibility Across Your Portfolio

Vector Flows’s platform gives you a 360 view of what is happening in ALL of your facilities through a single platform using the existing data you already have for better safety and space planning purposes

Screenshot of workspace occupancy by week

Future-proof Your Space

Track your space occupancy in real time and over time. Understand how many visitors or employees are visiting your office per day, per site or per room so that you can repurpose underutilized spaces based on accurate data. By leveraging our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms we can provide specific recommendations on how best to better design your spaces.

When Security Matters the Most

Vector Flow’s software modules apply deep mining to identify invisible access patterns, revealing specific facility usage and occupancy information for each space. The solution’s AI-based Identity risk engine runs continuously in the background to detect access anomalies and checks for unused access profiles, ghost accounts, or terminated identities that are still active. The software’s continuous enforcement of security policies and physical access privileges helps maintain compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and HIPAA.

Employees near reception desk

Track the Effectiveness of Your Return to Work Programs

If you are in the process of bringing your employees back to the office full time or in a hybrid model, use Vector Flow’s occupancy insights to see the effectiveness
of your programs, see which departments have returned to office, which areas of your space are the most productive, and make decisions about how to
allocate resources and plan your space based on occupancy data.

Powerful Solution. Simple Experience.

Vector Flow’s system comes with out-of-the-box ready solutions
and no-code integration with diverse physical security systems and equipment.
Instead of creating custom code, your teams create no-code and low-code apps
virtually to start driving outcomes within days instead of months.

Deliver the safe workspace your
employees, visitors, and tenants deserve.

Contact our team of experts today to schedule a live demo and hear how Fortune 500 companies are using our platform to better design their space and safely bring their employees back to the office.